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 +===== About Simple Invoices ======
 +Simple Invoices is a web-based invoicing system designed to get the job done with ease of use. Simple Invoices is Open Source Software, and community developed. There is no hype, no buzz words, and no features you are never going to use.
 +Simple Invoices started out in 2005 to fulfill Justin Kelly's (lead developer) need for a simple system to create invoices.  Having no desire to waste time with spreadsheets and not interested in any of the existing invoicing solutions, or big and complex CRM/ERP systems, Simple Invoices was born. The goal was a system where one could just select a biller, a customer, enter some details of the work being invoiced, and then with the hit of a button create a nice looking invoice. Since the initial release more features have been added to make Simple Invoices useful in a number of contexts.
 +But the aim was (and always will be) to keep Simple Invoices simple. The development of Simple Invoices has worked hard to make it as flexible and yet basic as possible.  If you want to do simple stuff, then it should be simple and the software should get out of your way.  If you want to do more complex things then that should be possible too. If all you want to do is whip up a quick invoice every now and again this should be simple and fast. Simple Invoices delivers. Should you want a more complex setup with customised invoices, payment tracking, exports to PDF, than that is all there in Simple Invoices. Simple Invoices is aimed at freelancers, or small businesess and non-profit organizations that need casual invoicing.
 +|Easy to use invoicing system|Full-on accounting system|
 +|Keep it simple and clean|Stacks of features|
 +|Does one thing and does it well|ERP, CRM, enterprise-use|
 +|Producing a kick ass invoicing system|Hijacking your data|
 +===== What is this aimed for =====
 +    * Personal invoices
 +    * Home office invoicing
 +    * Small organization invoicing
 +===== Take the Tour ======
 +Take the [[Tour|Simple Invoices Tour]] to find out about the [[features]] of Simple Invoices.