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Any jQuery freaks out here?

April 11 2008

Hi Guys,

Any jQuery freaks out here?

Currently in the process of jQuery-ifying the invoice creation and editing pages. I’ve already got delete line item (in edit page), edit unit_price based on selected product in invoice creation end edit pages and trying to get add new line item in invoice creation page working.

My plan for making this work is: Get the last item TR, clone it, alter (+1 to it) all references to the line number (in qty and product field), add it after the last line item - but i'm no jquery guru - if you can get the desired result some other way its all good

Note: The invoice line item section looks similar to

<tr id=line1>
<input name=”quantity1”>
<select name=”product1”>
..product list..

If anyone can help me out with this would be greatly appreciated



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