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awol for a while & news

April 27 2008

Hey Guys,

over the next week or so I'm not ganna be on the forum ( ) as much as before

we're doing renovations to our house in preparation for an upcoming auction.

once this is over it'll be back to normal

  • so in this time if you see any new posts on the forum you can answer go for it!!
    • also if your posting a question - expect a delay on answers from me

other news

  • thanks to dimante's usebb → vanilla forum conversion script we'll be moving the simple invoices forum from using usebb to vanilla
  • i've done some testing and all looks great - usernames and passwords will be the same

also i'm looking at moving the website from some dodgy custom scripts i wrote to using Dokuwiki - yes i know that you may think that (insert your favourite CMS here) rocks and would be great but Dokuwiki has something others CMS have no clues about:

  • elegance,
  • simplicity,
  • grace,
  • and poise

if you don't know what im on about just download dokuwiki and give it a go

yes the new website and forum will look basic but that is its beauty

also happy easter to everyone whos celebrating it now



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