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Blog upgrade

Hey Guys,

We've just upgraded the Simple Invoices blog from drupal to dokuwiki. Though drupal is more suited to blogging than dokuwiki, the simplicity and ease of use of dokuwiki out shines any issue it may have. Now our website, blog and wiki are all integrated and run off the same dokuwiki install - so the 1 username will work through all sections

You may experience some feedburner emails issues in the next day or so - some old posts may get emailed to you again

let me know if you have any issues

Note: If you want to write some blog post just register a username and send me an email - i'll add you to the blog group




Kai, 2008/06/02 01:44

Nice to see everything coming together, blog, forum, main site. Hopefully this will bring the attention the project deserves. Have you thought about social bookmarking buttons? The ones from, facebook, stumbleupon, et cetera? Might be worthwhile

justin, 2008/06/02 03:33

Thanks Kai,

re social buttons - have thought about it but never done anything

just had a look and there is the social bookmarking plugin for dokuwiki Cheers

i'll install it here and give it a go


justin, 2008/06/02 06:18

Hey Kai,

social bookmarks has been installed - but think i will move them

what do you think of putting them in the top or bottom blue bar?



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