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Forum redevelopment

August 18 2007

Hey Guys,

If you haven't noticed already the forums ( had a renovation. Took me a few days to develop this template so hope you like it!

Needed a bit of a break from Simple Invoices dev :)

The aim is to simplify the forum. I felt that with the old template was too complex and phpBB looking - this one strips away all the useless crap in the UI and kept only the require stuff

Also felt the old template was unfriendly looking and not really inviting. The aim of this forum is to be a nice place where the Simple Invoices community can hang-out, work together, help each other, develop and have fun - This new template attempts to reflex such goals.

I haven't tested this is IE, Opera or Safari so please let me know if there are any dramas.

The forum software is still UseBB and all your password etc. will still work fine - just a new template



Got Comments? refer:

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