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Happy Easter

April 09 2007

Hi All,

Happy Easter everyone!!

Quick overview of the next release:

  • alot of behind the screen work by aplysia to cleanup the code, moving the presentation layer to smarty, language file changes, and moving validation from javascript to php
  • email - after about 1 year of requests emailing invoices as PDF will now be available in Simple Invoices :) - this means you can go to the Manage Invoices screen, click on the email icon and an email to the customer from the biller with the invoice as PDF attached will be generated in Simple Invoices and sent (to,from,bcc, and message are all editable from the email screen)
  • and alot of various other bug fixes etc..

Hopefully we should be able to get a release out by the end of the month - hopefully by the 25th so as to coincide with the 1st anniversary of the release Simple Invoices :)



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