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Help organise

Hi Guys,

Work is moving forward for a 2013 release but we've got a few non coding things we need help with and looking for a people to run different parts of

Translation manager

Matt setup an online translation server for SimpleInvoices at and looks great but as its not directly linked to our code in github we need someone to continually update transifex and merge the new files into our main code. No coding is require, just need someone to own this process and help us get more transations

Wiki manager: Move full wiki to GitHub

The wiki for SimpleInvoices has been split over a few platforms for a few reason we're looking for someone to merge and cleanup all the wiki pages into 1 location at our github wiki

Website manager: Move current website to Jekyll and run using GitHub Pages

Currently our website is maintained using Dokuwiki and store on a digitalocean vps, but a better option for an open source project is to store and manage the website via github pages :

We need someone to help convert our mixed static and dokuwiki site to a jekyll : (or similar) website

If you'd like to help talk to us either at:

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