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Introduced table_prefix

March 12 2007

Today I changed most of the code files of simpleinvoices. I introduced a variable $tb_prefix. At the moment, the tableprefix “si_” is hardcoded in the simpleinvoices code. Now it's defined in the config.php file. But at the moment it's not yet usable.

Why do we need a talbe prefix? A lot of users have only one database to install different tools. So they should define table_prefixs for every tool. If you have already a project with the si_ prefix, your getting a lot of trouble. In the future you can change it.

What is still to do? At the moment, the .sql file for the database is hardcoded and it's not possible to insert the tableprefix dynamically. I'm going to write an install.php file that will do the work for you. Here you can insert your database-data and your table_prefix.

Problems in the actual svn code? Perhaps their are some errors in the actual svn code. If it's an sql error, it's pretty easy to solve. In some SQL-queries single-quotes are used. To use the variable in the SQL querie double quotes are need. So you have to replace the single-quotes with double quotes or write an post in the developer forum, so I can solve the problem.


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