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Invoice Preference and System Defaults name changes

July 27 2007

Hi All,

with the next release of Simple Invoices were trying to move most of the stuff out of config.php and into the db (into the system_defaults table). This raises an issue, if the System Defaults is now more of a Preferences sections and we renamed it as such.

Wouldn't this led to confusion between 'Invoice Preferences' and the new 'Preferences' section!

so should we rename Invoice Preferences to something more useful?

re System Defaults - this was where you used to set the default biller, tax rates etc.. - and will most likely get renamed to Preferences as it'll define all the defaults and system preferences for Simple Invoices (ie. def biller, pdf settings, etc.. )

re Invoice Preferences - as you know this is how you define the wording ect. of your invoice - so you can make it an estimate, quote, whatever you want.. -if System Defaults gets renamed as Preferences what should this section be called??

Whats your opinion? - keep Invoice preferences and change system defaults to something else - or keep system defaults and change invoice preferences - or change them all!



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