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New website

May 06 2008

Hi Guys,

i've been working on moving our website to dokuwiki and its finally live refer:

it may not be as pretty as a lot of web2.0 sites out there but importantly its simple, easy to read, and dead easy to use

and the main thing: it works the way we need

  • it just works
  • simple and fast create/edit pages
  • no cms to get in the way
  • and no database to worry about

if the new website looks a little to plain for your liking feel free to whip up a template for Dokuwiki and let me know

also: i've moved the downloads from to google

  • sourceforge was becoming to much of a pain - to many click for a user to download one file - and now there starting to show adds etc.. on the download page
  • with google user just clicks the link in and the fiel downloads stright away
    • this more direct download method has already resulted in more downloads per day :)

next up is the move from usebb to vanilla for the forum - which should be done in a week or so - time permitting


  • theres still some stuff todo but the majority of the site is done
  • and thanks Kai for your help
  • if anyone wants to help out with the site - writing content, etc.. just send me an email



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