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News 2007 02 28

February 28 2007

Hi All,

Quick update about whats happening with Simple Invoices

Next release: - Development is cruising along at a slow but steady pace and we should (fingers crossed) see then next release of Simple Invoices out in a week or so - the main features will be: – the move to open rico live grid for the manage pages — this means the old table filtering/sorting will be replace with a 1 page live grid with horizontal and vertical scrolling, resizeable columns etc.. – custom field for invoices — custom fields for billers,customers, and products has been available for a while now, but its being extended to invoices aswell, so you'll be able to define custom fields for invoices ie. Purchase Order Number, Project, etc.. - for a test of the new live grid refer

Forum: - the forum has just passed the 500 posts mark - were currently at 511 posts and 60 members

Downloads: - were nearing the 13,000 downloads mark on - Feb 2007 looks like its be a record months for Simple Invoices downloads which is pretty good seeing there was only 2 releases in the month - normally the more releases the more downloads



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