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Preview of Beta 2 release of Simple Invoices

Hi Guys

I've just uploaded a preview of the next beta (Beta 2) release of Simple Invoices

Also as a result of the Dec 08 vote - there have been some changes to invoice creations. Basically me and 2 other people are the only ones using the Total style invoices :( - most other people uses Itemised and the rest use Consulting (note: theres been a late charge in the votes for Consulting).

What this means for you is when you click New Invoice it'll default to Itemised style - if you want to add in notes per line item (consulting style) just click the 'Notes Add' to the right of the Unit Price heading and all the description fields will be displayed. How Total style will be selected is stilla work in progress.

Whats new since beta 1?

  1. new line item rows can be added dynamically during invoice creation
  2. merger of itemised and consulting invoice types
    • to add a description to the line item just click the 'Notes add' icon on the right of unit price
  3. tax rates per invoice item
    • note:
      • you can have muliptle taxes per line item
      • taxes can be dollar based or percentage based
      • as an exmaple during invoice creation you can select as many different addon tax rates as you want per line item
      • ie. Product : IBM server - you can select the following GST (10%) | State tax (3%) | Admin fee ($25) | Postage ($50) etc
        • note: in the demo its set at 1 tax per item - a GUI to adjust this is stall a work in progress
  4. new UI : in an effort to simplify the UI as much as possible i've removed the old drop down menus with a simple click/tab based menu
  5. new invoice template


  • there will probably be 1 or 2 more beta releases of Simple Invoices before the next major release is made public
  • theres still another week or so work to be done before Beta 2 will be released

For a status update refer:

Post if you have any comments




Marnix, 2009/01/17 12:52

Hi Justin

Is it possible to test the beta2 on my own server? I will test it with real invoices and customers.

Kind regards Marnix

ryan moore, 2009/01/18 06:24

how about the roadmap from existing simple invoices to the new version, do you think that it will be easy to upgrade/migrate from old to new, or will it be a complicated migration? the orignal looked great, this new version looks FANTASTIC!

justin, 2009/01/18 11:49

hey ryan

the update to the new one will be straight forward - just download and extract the .zip - edit the config.ini with your db details - and if your upgrading - when you open up the new version it'll ask you do run the upgrade process - just 1 click and takes a second



justin, 2009/01/18 11:50

note: if you altered any parts of Simple Invoices - ie added something new then you'll have to apply the same changes you made to the old version to the new version

note: if you made your own invoice template there may be alterations required



justin, 2009/01/18 11:54


yep you can test beta 2 - but you have to use subversion to checkout our development code from google


let me know if you have any queries and how you go



Marnix, 2009/01/21 14:47

Hey Justin,

I get the following errors on my server:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Zend_Config_Exception' with message 'parse_ini_file(./config/dev.config.ini) [<a href='function.parse-ini-file'>function.parse-ini-file</a>]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory' in /home/user/domains/ Stack trace: #0 /home/user/domains/ Zend_Config_Ini→__construct('./config/…', 'dev') #1 /home/user/domains/ require_once('/home/user/dom…') #2 {main} thrown in /home/user/domains/ on line 117

Can you help me with this errors?

Kind regards Marnix

justin, 2009/01/21 22:34


thats my fault

open config/define.php and change $environment from dev to production

all should be OK

i'll add this to the documentation



Marnix, 2009/01/28 00:04

Hi Justin,

I have the Beta run on my server. It works good, only a few problems:

- When i try to logout nothing happens. - And when i click on: Setup yourself up as a biller - click here i get the following error:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Zend_Acl_Exception' with message 'Resource 'biller' not found'

- I cant hide the text in the yellow.

It works very nice the Beta, good work :)

Kind regards, Marnix

justin, 2009/01/30 09:28

Hey Marnix,

thanks for pointing these out - i should of included a list of know issues - will do for beta 2 release

the biller issue has been fixed but the other 2 issues are know have development work hasnt started on hiding the yellow text - will do soon



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