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Simple Invoice 2007 10 02 release!

October 01 2007

Hi All,

I'm pleased to announce that Simple Invoices 2007 10 02 has now been released! - Note: This release has been delayed for the last few days as I've been celebrating Geelongs victory over Port in the AFL Grand Final - refer below for photos and details – Go CATS!!

This is our first major release is just over 4 months and alot of 'under the hood' work has gone into this release

Main changes:

  • Updated UI and menu system
  • More preferences moved from config/config.php into the System Preferences page
  • Add more items into an itemised ot consulting invoice via the edit page
  • PHP5 5 and above only
  • How PDFs are generated has been updated - no need for $install_path in config.php

Full ChangeLog

  • PHP5 and above only - Simple Invoices will no longer work on PHP4 servers
  • Invoices now can be deleted- This is can be enabled via the System Preferences page
  • Adding more items to an existing invoice via the edit page it now possible
  • New javascript menu included - now works in IEs,FF and Opera
  • New language select system - system language can now be changed via the System Preferences page
  • All pages move to the smarty templating system
  • Updated UI - were slowly moving away from our 37signals style UI to a more unqiue UI
  • PDF system modified - $installation_path no longer required
  • Authentication sql table added to the default install - so you now longer have to manually run the login sql to get authentication working
  • How total invoices are stored in the DB has changed - now a total invoices gets stored as a product in the products table but set to not visible via the Manage Products page
  • System Defautls renamed to System Preferences
  • Authentication can now be set via the config.php file - no need to adjust include_auth.php anymore
  • Customer add template fixed for if no name entered
  • Issue 106 Edit tax rates bug fixed
  • Report: Debtors owing by customer sql fixed
  • SQL patch to alter tax rate to 3 decimal places

Changes since the beta

  • PDF and emailing a PDF now work correctly

You can grab a copy of the release from our sourceforge site: Download: Demo:

The Cats Grand Final victory over Port (aka the reason why this release wasn't done for the last few days)

Cats 2007 AFL Grand Final win

Cats 7002 AFL Grand Final win



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