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Simple Invoices 20070523 released!

May 23 2007

Hi All,

The Simple Invoices dev team is very proud to release Simple Invoices 20070523. Aplysia, Lionel, me and the rest of the Simple Invoices team have been working solidly for over 2 months to get this release out.

Whats new?

  • Almost all of the backend code has been rewritten and greatly simplified
  • We've moved the display code over to Smarty (
    • This in combination with the simplification of the code means that it's seriously a million times easier to write invoice template for Simple Invoices
    • I look forward to users now being able to write templates and share them with the rest of the community :)
  • Emailing invoices as PDF! - After a year of people asking for this its finally been done! - with the click of a button you can sent your invoice as PDF to your client via Simple Invoices
  • 80+ sql patches :)
  • refer the ChangeLog for more info

A big thanks to everyone in the Simple Invoices community who help with this release!

Download: Forum: Blog:

Note: - Changes since beta: mainly that the reports now work correctly

As they say here in Melbourne, “For a hard earned thirst, you need a big cold beer, and the best cold beer is Vic, Victoria Bitter”

( :)


Justin Kelly


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