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Simple Invoices 2007 01 05 released

January 25 2007

Hi All.

Im very happy to announce the release of Simple Invoices 20070125!

Ive finally got the first 2007 release of SImple Invoices out the door. Its been a while since the last release but theres been a lot of under the hood work done in this release to make Simple Invoices more sane, plus the new user interface for Simple Invoices has taken a fair bit of work. Check out the demo page to see it in action.

Note: Translation: This release is currently only available in English, over this weekend and next week i'll be working to get the other languages updated - ad will do another release at the end of next week

* ChangeLog: o Issue 68 File structure modified o Issue 69 Controller script added and urls system modified o Issue 70 Invoice templates names changed and system modified o Issue 63 MySQL password format changed to MD5 o Issue 66 New user interface added o Issue 64Authentification: Headers already sent drama resolved o Manage Invoices: some unneeded filters removed o Jquery greybox replace with Jquery thickbox as the ajax popup window javascript o Menus structure modification - Manage then Add o Numbers - all formatted to 2 decimal places o 2 SQL Patches

as always you can grab your copy from our sourceforge download page at:

Enjoy !

If anyone finds any issues please don't hesitate to post on the Simple Invoices forum ( ) for more info




john, 2009/05/14 22:40

Demo looks nice, but it is in Spanish….

justin, 2009/05/18 00:09

Hey John,

Simple Invoices has been translated into a number of languages

just go to the system preference page and change the language to English or whatever language you want



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