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Simple Invoices 2008 08 25 news

Hi All,

Just a quick update re Simple Invoices


  • a version of Simple Invoices for the iPhone is underway
  • initially only the sections of Simple Invoices that relate to mobile users will get developed - the later on hopefully all features of Simple Invoices will eb available for iPhone users
    • note: also a version for the smaller HTC Touch is also underway
    • also thanks to James Mandy for kicking this off

Zend Framework

  • the very usefull Zend Framework is now being used in Simple Invoices
  • we will start with the Zend components: Config, Session, DB, Auth, and ACL , and include more as needed
  • what this means is that therer will be no more config.php file - it will be replaces with a config.ini file - making the config file easier to use/read and also help with the upcoming Simple Invoices installer and admin page - so you wont have to edit the config file yourself anymore :)
  • also a new login system is under-development using zend auth and acl - with will enable a real multi-user, multi-permissions login system - think client logins, individual biller logins, read only for some users etc…





frank pietruszewski, 2009/03/01 23:21

I have 20080629 setup and running. Email works fine. Choice of invoices is good, I use consulting. Several problems : Auth login, the password looks encrypted, type of encryption ?? Login does not work. Yes, I know the [email protected]… and demo password, but it does not log me in. I have it setup with SSL in Apache under Fedora 8, however, remotely if anyone knows the IP address and files structure, they can see and use all of Simple invoices. How to delete the 'demo' invoices and its data? (easily)? Perhaps a file to run after all the demo testing that will remove Springfieled Power. :-) In the future possibly a way to change the design of some of the invoice forms?

Thank you, Frank

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