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Simple Invoices 2007 11 16 released

November 16 2007

Hi All,

Simple Invoices 2007 11 16 has been released!

This is a security and maintenance release


  • basically the old login system relied on md5.js to crypt up the password so that it couldn't be sniffed over non-ssl traffic BUT when javascript was disabled in the browser the login system could be bypassed :(
  • so if you using the Simple Invoices login system I advise you to upgrade to this release

Whats new:

  • Login system revamped - all that md5js stuff removed
  • Documentation update to specify cache dir needs to be writeable
  • Fix for default language on upgrade from older version issue, refer:


  • as always backup your db before upgraging

Download this release from out SourceForge site:

If you have any issues with this release please post in the forum



Got a comment? refer:

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