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Simple Invoices 2008 05 11 release

May 11 2008

Hi Guys,

I'm very happy to announce the release of Simple Invoices 2008 05 11

Whats new

  • Simple Invoices extension system added refer:
  • Initial work to move the code to object orientated style
  • Fixed minor code error in /templates/default/preferences/details.tpl - Dimante
  • Greek translation added
  • Albanian translation added
  • Latvian translation added
  • Danish translation added

The main thing is the initial release of the Simple Invoices extension system. Basically extensions provides a basic method to develop and distribute integrated customisations for Simple Invoices (think basic version of Firefox extensions)


Previously there was no extension system for Simple Invoices meaning that if a customisation to a particular page was required the main Simple Invoices file for that page would have to be edited - Which made it a pain in the ass to develop, to very hard to distribute and pretty much impossible for that customistaion to be included into the normal Simple Invoices

The Simple Invoices extension system main goal is to make extending Simple Invoices to meet your exact requirement alot easier and possible to distribute

Downloads are now available on Google Code (weve swapped from SourceForge)




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