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Simple Invoices 2008 06 29 release

Hi Guys,

Simple Invoices 2008 06 29 has been released.

This is just a maintenance release to fix the problem with adding an item in the edit view of an invoice – refer this forum post

You can grab the download from :

Let me know if you have any issues with this release




Steve, 2009/07/23 15:25

I am using your product and it is really great. So simple to use and works like a charm. If i need to change the heading from Qty to Hrs in Invoices where do i do it? Is it doable? I am new to PHP. I am not able to figure out. Any help witll be appriciated

justin, 2009/08/18 23:48

hey steve

changing Qty to Hrs is do-able

easiest option is to edit the lang file

  • of using english open ./lang/en-gb/lang.php
  • find $LANG['Qty'] and change is values from Qty to Hrs

let us know hwo you go



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