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Simple Invoices 2008 07 29 released

September 04 2007

Hi All,

Simple Invoices 2008 07 29 has been released

This release is a security release for the 20070525 release. The only change is the replacement of the old md5.js with one that now works

The security problem that this release resolves is that previously the md5 javascript/challenge life stuff wasn't working correctly and it was allowing you to login using blank username and password :(

Yes i know that its really crap to have released with the above bug but this is why the login system is now enabled by default - as its still in testing

Just make sure when using this release that $MD5Auth = True and $ChallengeLife = 0;

Other news - Were still busy at work with the next major release. This has been delayed for a while as I've been flat out doing freelance php/mysql work which has taken up all my Simple Invoices time :( - hopefully it won't be too long before this is released

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