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Simple Invoices 2008 12 01 news

Hi Guys,

Some Simple Invoices news:

Progress on the Beta 2 release of Simple Invoices is going slow

  • documentation, fixing and completing the postgres code, and make database backup work with PDO are the main things to get done
  • there will be a release for Beta 2 pre xmas though

New UI

  • i've been thinking about a new UI for Simple Invoices for a long time. i find the current UI - nice looking but to clunky and not intuitive with all those drop down menues and the like
  • i'm working on an extension for Simple Invoices to redo the UI in a very simple and friendly way - think wordpress admin page with a mix inspiration from the design provded by Januz in

  • i'll upload a demo once more work is done
  • or you can svn checkout trunk and enable the tab_menu extension

Simple Invoices to hard to install

  • given that getting Simple Invoices installed on your server needs some knowledge of mysql/apache/php - this limits our audience quite alot
  • i'm working on 2 things to make a change to this
    • 1 - we've been invited to join the beta testing of the new
      • Bitnami makes installing apps like Simple Invoices just a couple of clicks for all platforms - windows uses get a .exe and follow the promts and it'll isntall and config everything etc..
      • If anyone want to help out building the bitnami/Simple Invoices package, let me know - its not that hard - just requries time and patience
    • 2 - another option im working on is offering free Simple Invoices hosting
      • this is still very much a work in progress but i hope to start offerign hosting pre xmas
      • note: this won't replace Simple Invoices from being downloadable and free/open source - just complement it - similar to and


  • now that were using PDO for database we can use a variety of database servers for Simple Invoices - not just mysql
  • the postgres version just needs a few updates and it'll be ready to go
  • a SQLite version is also under way - if anyone has sqlite experince or wants to learn - just let me know - i really want to get this on out asap

What to lend a hand?

  • There has been some comments that the database upgrade from old versions of Simple Invoices to Beta 1 may have caused some data issues
  • We need more people to test upgrading from old versions to Beta 1 and posting if the data was OK after the upgrade
  • we need you to use real data and post what version you are upgrading from
  • please post your results in this thread in the forum




Luis De Bastos, 2008/12/29 19:47

Dear team,

Just stopped by to let you know that I posted a short review of Simpleinvoices in our Blog. Here's the link:

Keep us informed about any updates, new features, promotions, etc., and we'll be happy to publish them in our blog.

You can follow us:

Twitter :


Enjoy your week.

Luis De Bastos DB Virtual Services [email protected] [email protected]

justin, 2008/12/29 23:22

Thanks Luis for the write-up!

any publicity is good publicity


Justin Kelly

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