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Simple Invoices 2009.1 beta 2 released

Hi Guys,

after a long wait the beta 2 version of Simple Invoices 2009.1 is now available for download and testing

grab it from here:

Whats new

  • You can now dynamically add/remove as many line items as you want in an invoice
  • New UI designed to make things simpler - note - this is still a work in progress
  • tax rates are now specified per line item
  • consulting and itemised invoice styles have been merged
  • tax rates can now be either $ or % based - ie. postage of $20 ot VAT of 10% etc..
  • PDF system rewritten - no longer needs to use any url info - this should make PDF 'just work' for alot more people


  • If using a new database for beta2 please restore using ./database/MySQL/Strucutre.sql and then Essentials.sql) - if you want the sample data also restore SampleData.sql
  • chmod -Rv 777 ./tmp; as cache, log, and dbbackups directories have been moved into this folder

Please refer to the Known issues at the bottom of this post - some important things are still a work in progress

Everything new

  • SimpleInvoices.sql is now split in 3 (Strucutre.sql, Essentials.sql, and SampleData,sql)
  • sample data now removed from main .sql - this is now in SampleDate.sql
  • Zend Framework upgraded to version 1.7.2
  • monthly sales/payments per year report fixed not to repeat first year
  • quick view cleanup
  • cache move to tmp/cache
  • database_backup move to tmp/database_backup
  • Simple Invoices log file added - tmp/log/si.log
  • customer total calcs updated
  • Upgrade issue fixed - if auth on upgrade now works ok
  • Simplify invoice layout - remove item tax and item total - now shows: qty, item, unit_cost, price
  • Tax rates can be % or $ figure based - ie can be used for Sales Tax (10%) or Postage ($10)
  • New UI
  • Qty now trims zeros from decimal places - so no longer have 2 decimal places for Qty
  • Make buttons look pretty
  • Make fields look pretty
  • Fix problem with selecting language
  • set domain_id in session
  • change Unit Price to Unit Cost - change gross to Price
  • si_account_payments table changed to si_payment
  • si_user table changed to si_user
  • Consulting style - if desciptoin null then don;t show Description heading thing on the invoice
  • language select now works again
  • javascript logging added - set debug.level = All in config.ini and press F2 in invoice creation - add some new line items to see it in action
  • merge itemised and consulting invoice styles
  • add new line items on the fly in invoice creation
  • updates Taxes - add % or $ option
  • Default tax per product
  • PDF - change system from requiring the url of the invoice - this should fix lots of peoples PDF problems
    • note: PDF in email is still a work-in-progress

Known issues

  • customer view info tabs - not happy - need to be redone in jquery UI
  • can't close yellow text
  • text in yellow section not correct
  • backup db - once db backed up - menu goes weird
  • IE - buttons not all nice
  • no data validation on form input
  • only 1 tax per line item
  • postgres version not complete
  • no manage users
  • total style invoice not selectable
  • Help link - top right - not working
  • Email as PDF not working
  • Reports - not localised - ie. in 6 decimal places
  • PHP.ini max memory needs to be min 64M to handle new PDF

If you find any issues with please reply to this post or in the forum




James McDonald, 2009/02/09 12:19

Hi some commments.

Just installed under Ubuntu 8.10 server using pdo_mysql PDO Driver for MySQL, client library version 5.0.67

Found the following.

1 { smarty errors regarding smarty being declared twice.

commented require_once out from docs.php then moved the include init above the $smarty = new statement.

$t = isset($_GET['t'])?$_GET['t']:null; $p = isset($_GET['p'])?$_GET['p']:null;

# require_once(”./library/smarty/Smarty.class.php”); include(”./include/init.php”); $smarty = new Smarty(); $smarty → compile_dir = ”./tmp/cache/”; }

2 { In Ubuntu 8.10 all maintenance screens that are supposed to list invoices, billers, customers etc show the animated graphic with “processing please wait…” but never return the list of items. This is true with SampleData.sql loaded or not. }

3 {

When clicking add biller. It throws an error about not being able to access a resource in

./templates/default/biller/add.tpl (this path doesn't exist)

./templates/default/billers/add.tpl (this however does)

A quick fix was to ln -sf billers biller and the error disappears (don't know if this borks anything.


4 { when adding a new invoice when seeing

“Processing invoice, you will be redirected Quick View of this invoice”

Instead of the quick view of a webpage a file download dialog pops up with index.php as the file to download. }

I am accessing the Ubuntu 8.10 server with a Ubuntu 8.04 box using Firefox 3.0.5.

justin, 2009/02/10 02:26

hey james

for for all the info

i've replied to the post you put in the forum -

let us know how you go



Daniel, 2009/02/17 19:57

Hi Justin,

I'm trying to upgrade from the current stable and I'm getting this:

Fatal error: Undefined class constant 'MYSQL_ATTR_INIT_COMMAND' in /path/to/simpleinvoices/include/sql_queries.php on line 49

Cheers and good luck with the Fires. We get a fair few here in the South of France, but what i've seen there is crazy.

justin, 2009/02/18 02:50

Hey Daniel

re MYSQL_ATTR - try editing ./include/sql_queries.php as detailed in

re fires - thanks - luckily my family was unaffected by the fires - which are still going - but this is still the biggest disaster in Australia for a long time - worst bushfire on record for sure - refer:



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