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Simple Invoices 2009.1 Beta 5 released

Hi Guys

Simple Invoices 2009.1 Beta 5 has been release

You can grab the file from:

Whats New:

  • Basic installer added
    • no more importing .sql files via phpMyAdmin!!
    • includes an option to import the sample data if you want - no more manually removing the data you don't want!
  • Payments page updated
  • Merge docs.php into normal index.php
  • User Add - fill in info from session problem fixed
  • Sql patch to move all consluting invoices to itemised style

How to install:

  1. Create a blank database in MySQL
  2. Enter the database connection details in config/config.ini
  3. Open your Simple Invoices url ( ie. http://localhost/simpleinvoices ) and follow the steps

Know issues:

  • Delete invoices - line item taxes arent deleted from db
  • Email - fix errors
  • UI of Manage Extensions needs updating
  • not all the extensions work
  • front page/dashboard not complete
  • Invoice edit needs work

If you find any details please post on the forum:




Leo, 2009/07/05 06:32

wait for your excellent performence

André Lademann, 2009/07/05 21:27

Wow. Thanks a lot! Waiting for a online demo ;)

justin, 2009/07/05 23:03

Thanks Andre

i'll try and update the online demo later today - will reply once done



justin, 2009/07/14 01:17


the online demo has now been upgraded


enjoy :)



steve lam, 2009/07/27 03:11

interesting. i'm currently using freshbooks but i'm going to try this out and see how it goes. i like the idea of hosting it on your own server.

justin, 2009/08/16 13:55

thanks steve

let is know how you go with Simple Invoices - its not as feature rich as freshbooks but its free and open



Liam, 2009/07/31 08:35

Thanks! Couldn't function without SI! Cheers folks!

justin, 2009/08/18 05:40

Thanks Liam

next release (2009.1 RC1) of Simple Invoices should be out soon



Artem Russakovskii, 2009/08/16 10:10

The online demo is broken: says You've followed a link to a topic that doesn't exist yet. If permissions allow, you may create it by using the Create this page button.

Also, last time it did work and on my own installed version the Money→Payments page (index.php?module=payments&view=manage) doesn't work - the Processing, please wait… keeps spinning forever (I only have 4 invoices).

And lastly, the forum is down - any forum url dies right away without returning a bit of content.

justin, 2009/08/16 13:58

hey artem

we were in the process of moving to a new server last night - the demo and forum are now online

re payments - try with beta 5 should work - its still got issues post in the forum



Artem Russakovskii, 2009/09/02 09:36

Justin, I'm running 2009.1 beta 5 and have been since I installed SI.

Even your own demo doesn't show anything on the Money → Payments page and keeps spinning Processing. Have you tested it yourself?

Artem Russakovskii, 2009/09/02 09:40

Here's the culprit, as detected by Firebug:

POST 500 Internal Server Error 365ms

On my server same thing.

justin, 2009/09/11 05:21


this should ne fixed in the latest release, refer:

test and let us know how you go cheers


Tudor Gibson, 2009/08/20 18:33

i have installed the new beta but when i clcik on itemized bill it does not open up anything

in firefox it says loading in ie8 it just says errors on page

using wampserver

my db came from an older version of simple invoices but that computer (linux centos) got hacked so i have transfeered db from that


justin, 2009/09/11 05:20


most likely need to edit error_reporting level in php.ini to E_ERROR

have a search of the forum and you should find more info on this



Sam Fourie, 2009/09/08 15:33

When is it estimated that this new version will be a final version ?

justin, 2009/09/11 05:18


if no major problems reported with:

then it'll be in a week or so



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