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Simple Invoices 2009.1 released!!

Hi Guys,

I'm very happy to announce the release of Simple Invoices 2009.1!!

Grab the download from:

This release has been more than 2 years in the works - thanks to all involved!

New stuff:

  • Dynamically add/edit/remove invoice line items
  • Editable product prices in invoices creation/editing
  • Multiple tax rates per line item
  • Tax rates can be dollar or percentage based
  • 'Manage' grids re-developed
  • UI re-developed
  • Basic installer added
  • Itemised and consulting style invoices merged
  • PDF re-developed
    • should fix alot of peoples PDF problems - note: will have to bump php max mem upto 64M at least - refer install docs
  • User management added
  • Added Zend Framework and PDO
  • Work started on Postgres and SQLite ports
  • Expenses extension added
  • etc..

For a full list refer:


Known issues:

  • French translation - the manage grids dont work
  • UI of Manage Extensions needs updating
  • not all extensions work

If you have any issues please post in our forum here:




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