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Simple Invoices 2011.1 released

Hi Guys,

Simple Invoices 2011.1 has been released

You can grab the download from:

Whats new:


If you have any issues or queries please post here in the forum




MKB Hosting Service, 2011/12/05 21:05

I really like the script, the only issue for me is that it is somehow difficult to get setup for newbees, we have to give lots of support for this. We even use it and we are very happy with it. The only thing where can say should be looked at is the eail send option this should be more easy been done , like our clients when they realy want to use it have to get a deticated ip address to buy and that would make the script to use to expensive. Lots of people will not use it for this reason. One more is that installation via installatron is impossible when server is made secure.

But for us it is great

Matt West, 2011/12/10 12:00

Thanks for your feedback! We're working on some pretty big changes for the next release. I will raise the point about the setup and see how we can make it easier.

Matt :)

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