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Simple Invoices Market Place launched

November 30 2007

Hi All,

I'm very happy to announce the launch of the Simple Invoices Market Place!

What is the Market Place?


  • Though the Simple Invoices Forums rock and provide the level of support that most people will need, it became clear that some members of the Simple Invoices community required a level of support that was not practical under the normal open source/community model


  • The main aim of the Market Place is to create an ecosystem around Simple Invoices where for $ work can be done without interfering with the natural open-source development and support of Simple Invoices

Service Providers

SixHQ has just been started by me ( Justin Kelly ), the founder and still one of the current developers of Simple Invoices.

The aim of SixHQ is to provide services to enhance your Simple Invoices experience. This ranges from your own dedicated server for Simple Invoices to modifications and support.

For the full announcement refer:


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