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Simple Invoices new - 2008 01 20

January 20 2007

Hey Guys,

Quick news update from Simple Invoices

re PDO

  • going forward Simple Invoices will use only PDO for db handling
  • its just ganna get way to messy with multi db abstractions and non abstraction stuff flying around

re Extensions

  • ive created a new directory in trunk for any extensions
  • more experimental or non standard code and other extensions/add-ons can be places in a seperate directory in here and users can pick and choose what stuff they want
    • ap, if you really want Simple Invoices to be non pdo you are free to create an optional extension to do such
  • re extensions
    • we may have to start thinking abit OO to allow for overrideable (im not sure if thats an actual word but you know what i mean) functions etc..

re phpreports

  • phpreports are starting to piss me off
  • im ganna start work on simple reports solution
    • basically php, smarty, xml, and simplexml

re break

  • i've been away from Simple Invoices since xmas doing freelance stuff, aussie open, cricket etc..
  • im ganna get started back into Simple Invoices and try and get some releases out asap

re UI

  • i most likely will not replace the entire Simple Invoices UI as originally intended (just yet) and will incorporate extjs grid/windows etc.. into SImple Invoices in the same way rico and other js libs were previously used



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