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Simple Invoices news - 2007 07 24

July 24 2007

Hi All,

just a quick news post

works still going on for the next version on Simple Invoices - no definite timeframe but sometime in the not to distant future

i was think about implementing a new UI for Simple Invoices similar to the links below


but its been put on hold and lionels working on a new menu/header for us so that it looks nice, is unique (ie not a copy of apps) and works good in all browsers (enjoy css in IE6 Lionel :) )

theres working going on refining the db structure and underlying code

other stuff:

I'm thinking about setting up some commercial services based around Simple Invoices

  1. Simple Invoices hosting
  2. customisation
  3. remote support
  4. blah blah ….


no exact plans yet - got to see if theres enough need for this type of thing

this way requests for enhancements etc. that fall out side of the original scope of Simple Invoices can be easily handled as independent add-ons. similar to Aplysia's good work on care2x



Got comments, refer :

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