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Simple Invoices news 2007 04 23

April 23 2007

Hi All,

quick Simple Invoices update

were still busy putting together the next release, originally planned for April 25 (aka ANZAC Day aka first anniversary of Simple Invoices public release) but i don't see this happening at this moment. Still a fair bit of work to go before its ready. Hopefully will aim for a release this or next weekend (all depending on time)

note: this release is more of a cleanup the code release than lots of new features release

our changelog so far is:

  • Email function added, you can now email an invoice as PDF in Simple Invoices
  • Replace the javascript validation with a purely php validation system
  • Table prefix configuration option added
  • Corrected <? … ?> Sytax to <?php … ?> Syntax
  • Lots of small optimizations
  • Introduced XHTML header
  • Czech translation added
  • Issue 75Stop browsing to the source .php files
  • Issue 90Translation update: save button updates
  • Issue 84File cleanup for live grid
  • Issue 93Translation: make the redirect pages (ie save.php) translatable
  • Old invoice templates (old_lco and old_original) retired, sorry Gaelyne, we moved to a new template system and these didnt make it
  • ibox replaced with greybox as the ajax alert box of choice
  • PDF name now 'Wording for invoice'.'Invoice ID'.pdf (ie. Invoice12.pdf or Estimate8.pdf)
  • Moved alot of the templates to smarty - still an ongoing project
  • Language file cleanup
  • Sql Patches:
    • Patch 37: reset default invoice template to 'default' due to new invoice template
    • Patch 38 & 39: Alter custom field table - field length now 255 for field label and name




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