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Simple Invoices news 2007 10 17

October 17 2007

Hey Guys

Quick update

Next patch release: - Due to some issues with updating from older releases and some issues with the login system there will probably be a patch release released in the next week or so

Next major release:

  • Whats planned for the next major release
    • The main things are:
      • The manage pages to get an update, currently we are using open rico to dot he sorting etc. We will most likely move to
      • UI redevelopment
        • I’ve been doing freelance php work recently and have developed a pathological hatred of cross browser css/javascript issues. You can make a site look and work all nice in Firefox then when you open it in IE it goes crazy – The same can happen when developing Simple Invoices. For this reason we’ll be moving the UI to as its layout and js takes a lot of the head-aches out of web development and looks kick ass
        • Also as I’ve been using Simple Invoices more and more to do invoices I’ve found that the current menu system is not the best – Most of the time I only use a few of the menu options so why clog up the screen with all these drop down menus if they are not used
        • Basically the UI of Simple Invoices will get a big overhaul and will look something like this demo extjs app
      • Multiple domains
        • What the hell am I talking about? This is the ability to have multiple ‘domains’ in a single install of Simple Invoices – so your company and your friends company can use the same install of Simple Invoices but you won’t be able to see his info and he cant see yours etc.. – basically a proper multi-user environment for Simple Invoices.
      • User admin screen
      • Updated custom fields
        • Basically the ability to add as many as you want and also define your own ie. Custom invoice id., drop down lists etc..
  • When
    • Some unknown time in the not to distant future – depending on the amount of work – maybe 1-2 months ish



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