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Simple Invoices News, Extensions, Ajax and more..

March 30 2008

Hi All,

Some news re Simple Invoices

Extension system:

  • Simple Invoices finally has an extension system! its long overdue and will help push Simple Invoices further
  • The extension system is very basic but works as expected
  • The main aim of Extensions is to enable easy development of alternate ideas for Simple Invoices and enable an easy way to distribute them
    • previous if a new developer wanted to try something different they would have to do it outside of svn or their own private branch in svn
      • which is overly complex and slows things down
    • now developers can create a new extension to test out whatever ideas they want - if its good it'll go in Simple Invoices else it'll be available to everyone as an optional extension
  • also Extensions provide an clean way to create customisation of Simple Invoices to suit whatever purpose

There are currently 2 extensions in development

  • 1 adds some much need ajax actions and allows for editable unit_cost and unit_price in invoice creation
    • alot of people have asked for it for along time but its actually happening now
  • the other transforms Simple Invoices into a School Management System



  • As mentioned above I've finally got round to adding some simple ajax into the invoice creation screen
  • expect a much better invoice creation experience in the near future

Wiki re-organisation:

Zoho invoices

  • you might of seen on techcrunch that Zoho released an invoice app - adds to the list of web2.0 style invoice apps around
  • only thing of interest is their invoice template - looks very familiar :)
    • slide 11 in their product spiel thing



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