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Simple Invoics 20070518 Beta released!

May 18 2007

Hi All,

The Simple Invoices team is very pleased to announce the availability of Simple Invoices 20070518 Beta.

Download from:

Why Beta? - over the last 2 months Simple Invoices has undergone a huge rewrite (refactoring) of backend code by aplsyia to simplify it and make it sane - alot of my old dodgy code has been simplified and also weve moved the display over to the Smarty templating system - hopefully making it easier for people to customize Simple Invoices and the invoice templates etc.. - the above 2 changes mean we need to get Simple Invoices tested by as many people as possible before doing a proper release to make sure all the stuff weve rewritten etc.. all works nicely :)

Whats new? - the main new feature is the ability to email invoices as PDFs in Simple Invoices - refactoring + smarty templating - 80+ sql patches :) - refer the ChangeLog for more info

What can I do to help testing? - All you have to do is download the beta, install it, and run through as many tests as possible and reports any issues to the Simple Invoices dev forum ( )

When i say issues, i mean any stuff thats not working that used to work etc.

The preferred testing is to backup your current database, restore it as another db. install the beta and point it to the new db and do the same tests on both systems (old Simple Invoices - 20070305 compared to Simple Invoices 20070518 Beta)

Please pay attention to things like reports, invoice totals, does setting to disabled disable the biller etc.., dates etc…

Is it 'production' ready? - it should be OK but if your worried don't use it for your 'production' setup just yet

It theres no major problems with the beta we'll do a proper release sometime next week

Thanks again to Lionel and Aplsyia for all your great work!!

Note: - BACKUP your db before using the latest Simple Invoices on it! - the release is in tar.gz Windows users get 7zip or other to extract it - the beta is on google so as to not mess with people downloading the current stable release on sourceforge




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