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Simple Invoics 2008 03 03 released

March 02 2007

Hi All,

Simple Invoices 2008 03 03 has been released

This is patch release of the 2007 12 31 release with a lot of the fixes done by Ap Muthu

So whats new?:

  • Favicon.ico added
  • Port removed from the PDF url code as HTTP_HOST was already returning the port - Refer:
  • Quick view page - Customer accounts section now calculating corretly
  • Slovak translation added
  • Latvian translation added
  • Reports on WAMP problem fixed -
  • Enabled Gross Total in Export formats too.
  • Norwegian, Slovenian lang.php corrected by removing leading hex EF BB BF in file - now authentication works for them too.
  • All Quantity now formatted in Smarty with number_format:2
  • Fixed: Login now does not display in the menu when Auth is Off
  • System Default Invoice Preference now saves correctly
  • Manage Invoices now shows Zero Owing Invoices Aging as blank
  • Enabled Gross Total in all invoices with local template variable: gross_total = total - total_tax
  • Migrated PDF to library and a new pdfmaker.php that takes only Invoice ID in URL
  • Removed Type ID from URLs in manage invoices
  • Corrected PDF link to show full file name from manage page
  • Patches 115 to 122 code to run only where needed and can now safely remove old defaults and auth_challenges tables
  • Invoice Quick View shows the “Customer:” label and correctly aligns the Show Details link
  • Misc syntax corrections


Note: Backup your database before upgrading the this release

If you have any queries just post in the forum



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