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Update to the translation process

January 27 2007

Hi All,

With the latest release of Simple Invoices the translation process has changed slightly.

Now there is only 1 file to translate (the menu file was merged into the file thanks to the new CSS based menus were using now)

also after each variable in the lang files theres a 1 or 0

1 means the variable has been translated and 0 means it hasn't. If you translate a variable please change it to 1 Whats all this 1 //0 stuff about?

Basically, we can run a small perl script (lang/ over the lang files and it can quickly tell us which files need updating etc..

The result of the script gets automatically published at

Note: I'm still in the process of updating all the lang files to the new format etc. so it should be a few days before the stats in the page are 100% correct but you get the idea of whats happening.

Note: The wiki page (… ) has been updated to reflect the new process



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