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UX Guru redesigns site

Hi Guys,

Thanks to a thread on Hacker News, UX guru Jason Strachan : has donated a days work to redesign the Simple Invoices home page.

Heres the current design -

and heres the proposed design -

I really like the design - the header menu/logo is negotiable but i love the rest. Let me know your thoughts on the design!

Now for the fun part - converting the design (psd files below) into html/css reality. I'm normally fine doing this but an flat out trying to finish some features for Simple Invoices 2010.2 and some real world stuff ( new baby, new job, selling & buying a house/etc..)

If anyone is interested in helping out with the html/css grab the psd from below and give it a go - Really would love to implement this design asap




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