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Calling all VPS / Shared host resellers

Hi Guys,

Its that time of year again - I'm looking to move from our current webhost. The main things I'm looking for in a new host are speed, reliability and price. Our current webhost just seems to slow and the db server is always off-line.

Just wondering if any of you guys are resellers of any fast and reliable web host services - be that shared host/vps or other

reply to this post or send me an email

also refer the discussion from 6 months ago on this subject -

If you not a reseller any recommendations would be appreciated




Sandro Franchi, 2008/10/02 15:41

Hi justin, I can recomend you Mosso (, we're using it with almost 20 customers without major problems. We're resellers so if you are interested I can send you a discount coupon for you. Reach me at

justin, 2008/10/02 23:25

Thanks Sandro,

Mosso sounds great, i have look at it before but $100 US per month is out of my price range :)

Check your inbox for an email from me



Dave Hall, 2008/10/05 12:19

I personally use for all of my hosting these days. I am yet to experience any downtime and they keep on adding great features - I just wish I had have paid for 12months service when the Aussie Dollar was almost at parity, the next bill is going to hurt more.

I was with but there support was less than pronto and performance wasn't that good either.

justin, 2008/10/05 23:19

Thanks Dave,

i just wish slicehost took paypal as ive got enough US currency to cover it - don't like the thought of $20US per month at who knows what crappy exchange rate we'll get

i'm thinking about using from a reseller - only $13 US per month



justin, 2008/10/09 05:12

just an update,

we've now moved to our new webhost




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