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 +====== Features ======
 +Simple Invoices focuses on the basic needs of invoicing yet gives users advanced flexibility without compromising simplicity.
 +===== Quick look at what Simple Invoices can do =====
 +  * Quick and nice looking invoices without having to set up to much. Install the software, enter a biller, a customer and go nuts creating invoices!
 +  * Export to PDF
 +  * Email PDF to client via Simple Invoices
 +  * Export to Microsoft Word, Excel or plain text
 +  * Multiple invoice types
 +    * Total invoices
 +    * Itemised invoices
 +  * Invoice templates - Be able to select(or create) different layouts for your invoices
 +  * Invoice preferences - Enables you to define and customise all the wordings on the invoices
 +  * [[wiki:paypal|Paypal payment gateway support]]
 +  * [[wiki:recurrence|Recurring invoices]]
 +  * [[wiki:eway|Eway Merchant Hosted payment gateway support]]
 +  * [[wiki:invoice_numbering_groups|Alternate invoice numbering based on Invoice preference]]
 +  * [[wiki:inventory|Basic inventory support]]
 +===== Flexibility =====
 +  * Not limited to just invoices! Choose(or create) a different Invoice Preference and you can create receipts, estimates, quotes, and other document types you can think of.
 +  * Support for products, tax rates, database backups, integrated database upgrades for smooth transition of versions.
 +  * Payment tracking - track payments of individual invoices and monitor how much each customer owes you.
 +  * Reports - sales by customer, by product, total taxes, and more.
 +===== Translations =====
 +Simple Invoices been [[translate|translated]] in numerous languages, the current list is in the [[|Lang Check page]]. If the language you are after is not there Simple Invoices is ease to translate - refer the [[get_involved#translation|Get Involved]] page for details on [[translate|translations]].
 +===== Free/Open Source software =====
 +    * the most import is that is free and open source software, meaning that there will never be charges for the software, it'll always be free in cost and free/open in development. What really powers Simple Invoices is not some amazing code its the license that its released under that enables the openness of development and the community that are dedicated to creating the best invoicing system possible.
 +    * Most commercial invoicing systems are designed and built in grey corporate offices being coded by subjugated developers, run by bosses with their eyes only on the bottom line. Simple Invoices and free software turns this non-sense on its head - here an invoicing system is made by and for people who want the best invoicing system possible, who are really into invoicing and work because we //want to// not because we //have to//.