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Get Involved

There are many different ways to get involved in the Simple Invoices community.


The easiest way to get involved in the Simple Invoices community is to download and install Simple Invoices and post your ideas, queries, bugs, documentation, request for help, whatever, in our forums all ideas etc are welcome, the more the better

As of 2013 we've moved discussions over to our Google Plus community


  • Refer translate for more info on all things translation

Helping out on the forums

  • Theres always some posts on the forum that can be better answered. If you can help out answering/resolving someones issue its a great help and a great way to build a stronger community
  • Got some useful tips: Feel free to post any tips/updates/whaterver in our forum or blog.


  • Know or want to know PHP and or MySQL. Jump on the forum or check out our roadmap to see whats planned for future development. If you can lend a hand coding its always greatly appreciated.
  • Note: for those interested in Simple Invoices development I suggest a quick read of the following links


Simple Invoices has minimal expenses and those are covered by & We used to have a paypal donate button - but was taken off as I would prefer to keep Simple as 'money-free' as possible.

If you do have money that you would like to donate the best options are to either buy some Google Ads or Reddit Ads or something similar to help spread the word

Google AdWords ads


If you like Simple Invoices, help us promote it! The best way to do that is to tell people why you like Simple Invoices and how it helps you.

  • Blog about Simple Invoices - if you don't have a blog grab one at,
  • Twitter about Simple Invoices
  • You can write reviews for on relevant websites, send emails to editors from magazines or blogs you read, or tell your friends about Simple Invoices via email.
  • Do whatever you can do to get the word out about Simple Invoices.
  • It also helps us if you add Simple Invoices to your social bookmarks.

RSS and Email alerts

 Simple Invoices RSS

Want to automatically keep in touch with the latest happenings of Simple Invoices. You can subscribe (via either email or rss) to Simple Invoices Blog here

or just click on whichever RSS you want below and follow the instructions


Mailing lists

As of 2013 we've moved discussions over to our Google Plus community

Note: the below google groups are no longer actively used, we are using the new - above - dev and tracker lists


justin, 2008/10/15 02:36

Thanks Dave,

glad to hear your happy with the beta release

re donation - the best thing you can do to help Simple Invoices is not to donate money but spread the word - tell your friends, blog about it, post comments, reviews on other sites re Simple Invoices etc..



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