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Simple Invoices RoadMap

the app

High importance

  • Recurring invoices ← some code has been contributed - needs alot more work - refer dreatime
    • This has been completed and will be part of Simple Invoices 2010.2
    • Refer recurrence
  • Client login and invoice payments - paypal, google checkout etc ← minor work done on client login - refer dreamtime
  • Workflow (ie. estimates not included in client total, auto set a status on the invoices - sent, final, etc..) ← will happen - no work done yet - refer dreamtime
    • Base of this has been done in Simple Invoices 2010.2 as invoices can now have statuses
    • refer status


old wiki roadmap pages

dreamtime - The 'Dreamtime' is stuff we would love to see in Simple Invoices but has not been planned for work just yet

trunk - Stuff to be done in the current 'trunk' section of svn

.org stuff


vote - Want to help define the direction/roadmap of Simple Invoices ? Feel free to vote of various issues in the vote page


Jason Simanek, 2012/03/04 17:56

Seems like the links under “All” section need to be updated. For example, “Ideas” should probably point to this:

I could also fix these things.

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