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Port db to SQLite

Simple Invoices now uses PDO in svn trunk and currently there are mysql and postgres version of the Simple Invoices db.

Want would be great is a SQLite port

Whats needed:

  1. Convert the db - refer shell script below
  2. Rewrite any queries that dont work with sqlite
    1. refer the current code - but use case statement to write alternate queries
    2. ie. 1 for mysql, 1 for postgres and 1 for sqlite

MySQL to SQLite3 (shell script)

A quick way to convert a MySQL DB to SQLite3 is the following shell script (it does not claim to be complete)(in particular, it misses converting booleans from 0/1 to t/f):

  if [ "x$1" == "x" ]; then
     echo "Usage: $0 <dbname>"
  if [ -e "$1.db" ]; then
     echo "$1.db already exists.  I will overwrite it in 15 seconds if you do not press CTRL-C."
     while [ $COUNT -gt 0 ]; do
        echo "$COUNT"
        sleep 1
        COUNT=$((COUNT - 1))
     rm $1.db
  /opt/lampp/bin/mysqldump -u root -p --compact --compatible=ansi --default-character-set=binary $1 |
  grep -v ' KEY "' |
  grep -v ' UNIQUE KEY "' |
  grep -v ' PRIMARY KEY ' |
  sed 's/ unsigned / /g' |
  sed 's/ auto_increment/ primary key autoincrement/gi' |
  sed 's/ smallint([0-9]*) / integer /gi' |
  sed 's/ tinyint([0-9]*) / integer /gi' |
  sed 's/ int([0-9]*) / integer /gi' |
  sed 's/ character set [^ ]* / /gi' |
  sed 's/ enum([^)]*) / varchar(255) /gi' |
  sed 's/ on update [^,]*//gi' |
  perl -e 'local $/;$_=<>;s/,\n\)/\n\)/gs;print "begin;\n";print;print "commit;\n"' |
  perl -pe '
  if (/^(INSERT.+?)\(/) {
  ' > $1.sql
  cat $1.sql | sqlite3 $1.db > $1.err
  ERRORS=`cat $1.err | wc -l`
  if [ "$ERRORS" == "0" ]; then
     echo "Conversion completed without error. Output file: $1.db"
     rm $1.sql
     rm $1.err
     echo "There were errors during conversion.  Please review $1.err and $1.sql for details."


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