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We need your help to keep Simple Invoices alive!

To help kickstart active development of Simple Invoices (which hasn't had a major release in over 2 years) Justin Kelly (Founder) and Matt West (SI project admin) need to raise some cash to support continual development.

We are looking to raise money through monthly subscriptions from SimpleInvoices supporters.

  • Available subscription amount $5 / $20 / $100

We really want to keep Simple Invoices alive and make it even more awesome - we hope you do to. With your support we can make this happen!

Why are we looking for financial contributions?

  • Both Matt and Justin are passionate Simple Invoices developers but are crazy busy with work, families, and commercial web development. Your contributions would go to ensuring that we can work on Simple Invoices and still pay the bills every month.
  • To make SimpleInvoices even more awesome we need dedicated developers curating, developing, leading and supporting SimpleInvoices. Your contributions would allow us to dedicate more time to Simple Invoices to turn it into the fantastic product it has the potential to be.
  • We can provide the support, stewardship and development SimpleInvoices needs but require a little finance to make it a reality.
  • Simple Invoices has been downloaded well over 150,000 times, thousands of support requests on the forum and countless emails have been answered

Matt and Justin will each commit a minimum number of hours per month dedicated to SimpleInvoices. The more subscriptions we can raise, the more hours we can commit. If we can get a decent amount of support by 1st August 2012 we'll send out subscription info and make this happen!!

What do you get?

  • A commitment from Matt and Justin to active develop Simple Invoices
    • We'll push out monthly releases
    • Dedicated hours to answering all support requests on the fourm
    • Doing a monthly blog posts with all news and updates
  • $5 gets you name on our subscribers page and in the SimpleInvoices credits
  • $20 per month - gets your name and link to your site on our subscribers pages and in the SimpleInvoices credits
  • $100 per month - get your name / company logo and link on the front page of (15K uniques per month) and all of the above
  • Note: Your contribution will only be displayed if you want it to be

Right now its do or die time for SimpleInvoices

Lend a hand and sign up below to keep SimpleInvoice alive!


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