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Stage 1 - move to dokuwiki

  1. Front page
    1. create links/pages for each of the dot points in the what section (not sure what is meant by this)
    2. done
  2. Get Involved
    1. do links to lang check and lang forum - Get Rui to redo lang check code to make look readable in and just link to that from the lang page
    2. translation section update
      1. Create new page /translate or /locale or /language to details all the translations stuff - which langs and how to and link to lang check page
  3. Philosophy - update

- About page - rewrite as per Kai doc done.

  1. Tour
    1. so its your data section - highlight that simple invoices is your software and you run it how you want not how some other co wants and you and not LOCKED into anything thing done
    2. feel free to edit image and resize smaller - done
    3. - re your data - search the freshbooks blog - 6 months ago 1 of those web2.0 invoice apps went bust - good to highlight real example
  2. Features
    1. make look nicer - done
    2. extend
    3. re-use and re-write text from 'help' of SI. Very usable.

Stage 2 - fix up stuff that can wait post swap over

  1. lang list page =⇒ done! need links to forum / translation faq though.
  2. Donate page

Stage 3 - move old wiki into new dokuwiki install

  1. think about translation


stage 4 - dokuwiki as blob

blog_new blog_test blog

Create a clear structure for the site. could serve as example.


About Simple Invoices

Features & Tour

Online Demo

Philosophy & Background

Get Involved & Donate





Market Place


Change Log



Dev FAQs

Dev Site

Lang Check

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