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Mod for showing Graphic Icons for View and Edit links and Right-Align Numericals

The Manage Invoices page already has graphic icons for the links on the left of the invoice records. If we want a similar set of icons for the other modules Manage Pages then we need to edit the appropriate manage.tpl template files.

Furthermore, if we wish to right-align the numerical entries on the manage pages, then we have to edit the manage.php files in the appropriate modules section. This however requires that the latest SVN of /templates/default/css/screen.css be avalable in your install.

As the availability of the graphical icons is already implemented in the multi-domain/user development version of SimpleInvoices, the files for download here should be used only on SI_20071116+ singular version only.

Created and Tested on SI_20071116 by Ap.Muthu

Manage Billers - Screenshot with graphic icons Manage Invoices - Screenshot with Right Aligned Numericals

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