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Customer login app


Countrygirl - from the Simple Invoices forum developed a 'customer login app' for Simple Invoices

refer below link for the forum post



as listed in the setup.txt file

1. Run the following SQL commands in phpMyAdmin or insert the columns manually into the si_customers database if you want them to appear in a specific place

ALTER TABLE `si_customers` ADD `username` VARCHAR(10) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NULL DEFAULT NULL

ALTER TABLE `si_customers` ADD `password` VARCHAR(10) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NULL DEFAULT NULL

ALTER TABLE `si_customers` ADD `usertype` VARCHAR(5) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NULL DEFAULT NULL

2. Add to simpleinvoices/lang/en-gb/lang.php (these values are all in alphabetical order so you may want to keep them that way)

$LANG['password'] = “Password”;1 $LANG['username'] = “Username”;1 $LANG['usertype'] = “User Type”;//1

3. Save lang.php and reupload to simpleinvoices/lang/en-gb/

4. Put values in all of the new username, password and usertype fields in the si_customers table usertype should be enterred as “user” without the quotes.

5. Open dbc.php file and change the top two lines of code

$dbname = 'database_name'; $link = mysql_connect(“localhost”,”db_username”,”db_password”) or die(“Couldn't make connection.”);

change database_name to your database name change db_username to your database username change db_password to your database password

6. Open myaccount.php and change [email protected] on line 138 to the email address that you accept paypal payments through, you can also change currency_code=USD to currency_code=CAD if you want your funds in Canadian funds

7. Upload the client_area to your web server, I do not have mine within the simple invoices folder, mine is separate. If you do yours the same way you should be able to get there by going to

Note: In order to get the invoice view pdf symbol to work you need to go into the simpleinvoices application and export each invoice as a pdf. The pdf automatically wants to save in this format Invoice1.pdf, keep that format and save it, then upload the pdf to the invoices folder

Note: This is a very simple system and can be used temporarily until the simple invoices gang get's their customer login are up and running.

Note: My client area code is put into the template of my web site so it looks identical to the rest of my web site. You can wrap every one of these pages with your website code to make yours the same way, or you can just use it the way it is. If you do want to wrap it with your web site code I have marked in each page where to put the code with:

<!– This is where you put the html for the top portion of your web site –>

<!– This is where you put the html for the bottom portion of your web site –>


Siphesihle Malinga, 2015/09/09 12:09

Hello Countrygirl, nice externsion I love it. I tried it and works as a charm. I am using two currencies for invoicing ZAR & USD and it looks like when generation an invoice in US dollars let's say is invoice_10.pdf and when generating another one on ZAR and it also generate same invoice number which makes conflicts on the client area as it queries invoice number on the database when two different clients share same invoice number. Is there a way to query the index_id on the client area instead of invoice_id? Thanks hope u understand

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