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Simple invoices database backup

  • For 'Simple invoices database backup' to work the first step is to make the tmp/database_backups directory(which is in the Simple Invoices directory) writeable by the webserver
  • To do this the in unix cd to the Simple Invoices directory (cd /var/www/html/simpleinvoices) and chown the tmp/database_backups directory to the apache(web server) user (chown apache:apache tmp/database_backups), in windows just browse to the tmp/database_backups folder and make sure its writeable by all users.

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Al Mubarak, 2010/05/22 13:10


 I'm new for simpleinvoice opensource software. then today i installed simple invoice software into my ubnuut 9.04 system instruction given by the authors. still its does n't matter when i configured http://localhost/simpleinvoices/ page. The installer process Step1, Step2 were going fine., but the 3rd step has two options. that was 1. Start using simple invoice and another one is 2. Install sample Data. When i choose anyother one it will be redirected to step 2. 

How can i use the Simple invoice perfectly. Anyone Could known the issue to how to rectify that issue asap. I'm Critical Situation.

Thanks in Many More Advance.

justin, 2010/05/31 03:50

hey al

spoke to you on im - assume you got this working now



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