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Easy graphic icons

As the availability of the graphical icons is already implemented in the Multi Domain Version of SimpleInvoices, the method here should be used only on SI_20071116+ and SI_20071231 Single Domain Version only.

If the edit and view words are required in the applicaton (in future) without their graphic html code, then we have to choose different language translation strings that get a cocatenated one from the translations and then replace them in all manage.tpl files.

In include/include_main.php insert the following code at the end just before the php closing tag

// Uncomment to enable Graphic Icons in all manage and other pages
$LANG['edit'] = "<img src='images/common/edit.png' alt='" . $LANG['edit'] . "' height='16' border='-5px' padding='-4px' valign='bottom' /><!-- print -->";
$LANG['view'] = "<img src='images/common/view.png' alt='" . $LANG['view'] . "' height='16' border='-5px' padding='-4px' valign='bottom' /><!-- print -->";

Download altered files for use with SI_20071231 and SI_20080303 release of the Single Domain Version. Development policy will keep this as an addon only as the project is progressing towards a Firefox like add-on framework.

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