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  • Eway merchant hosted XML is now a supported payment method in Simple Invoices 2010.2
  • This was primary developed to work with Recurrence
    • ie. auto charge customers credit card each X period.
  • But works fine as a manual payment method via Simple Invoices
  • Also once the payment is accepted via Eway the payment will be auto inserted into your Simple Invoices payments section

Automatic billing

  • When used with recurring invoices the customers credit card will get charged at each recurrence automatically
    • The customer and biller will get emails (if selected) with the new invoice as PDF and another email with the receipt as PDF (assuming payment went OK)
    • If payment fails then the biller will get an email with the eway error message

Manual billing

  • Assuming the biller and customer has the correct eway fields setup there will be a 'Process payment via Eway' button appear in the Quick View of the invoices
  • This button allows you to manually charge the customer credit card via Eway within Simple Invoics
    • Note: no emails will get sent using this method
    • If the payment was OK it will get auto inserted into the Simple Invoices payment section


  1. You need a Eway account - refer http:///
  2. To set Eway to 'live' mode edit line 76 iin include/class/eway.php as below
    1. $eway = new ewaylib($this->biller['eway_customer_id'],'REAL_TIME', true);
    2. refer below testing section to see ow to test eway
  3. You need to edit the config/config.ini file and specify a passphrase that the encryption code will use to encrypt the credit card number in your database. This is done in the 'encryption.default.key' field
    1. ie. encryption.default.key = this_is_the_encryption_key_change_it
  4. You need to enter your eway customer ID into your biller record in Simple Invoices in the 'Eway customer ID' field
  5. You need to enter your customers credit card details in their customer record in Simple Invoices
    1. Fields required are
      1. Credit card holders name
      2. Credit card number (the credit card number is encrypted in the database)
      3. Credit card expiry month (as a 2 digit number ie. 01 for January)
      4. Credit card expiry year (as a 2 digit number ie. 10 for 2010)
  6. You then need to edit the 'Invoice Preference' that you will use and select 'Eway merchant hosted XML' as a online payment option
  7. Once all the above is done you're ready to start collecting money via Eway


  1. To set Eway to testing mode edit line 76 iin include/class/eway.php as below
    1. $eway = new ewaylib($this->biller['eway_customer_id'],'REAL_TIME', false);
  2. In testing you can use the Eway CustomerID of 87654321 - enter this in your biller
  3. You can use the test Credit Card of 4444333322221111 in your customer details
  4. Make sure you enter a valid expiry month and year
    1. refer above setup section for details on the form
  • Note: In eway test mode the total on the invoice must not have any cents
    • $140.00 is OK
    • $140.50 is NOT OK - this will result in an error on the eway side


  1. If you have any queries post in the discussions section below or in the forum
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