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- Example template page

  1. This is my example template page

- Invoice Without Header

  1. This is my example template page


Extensions provides a basic method to develop and distribute integrated customisations for Simple Invoices

For info on how extensions work and how to enable or create them etc.. please refer to extensions_faq

Available extensions

    • This extension provides basic expense related features to Simple Invoices
    • This extension provides Purchase Order related features to Simple Invoices
    • This extension turns Simple Invoices into a School Management System
    • This extensions adds a matrix of values to each product and in invoice creation you can select whatever value/attribute you want for x product
    • This extension makes Simple Invoices useable on small phones - ie HTC Touch etc.. stuff smaller than the iphone
    • Note: this has been designed with the product matrix extension in mind and may take some work to decouple this
    • This extension turns product.custom_field1 into a drop down box with a list of groups. The invoice template then groups the line items via that grouping
    • This extension allows you to create a new invoice, based on an existing one (on a per-customer basis). From the list of customers, an extra action is available. This generates a new invoice, prefilled with all the items as found on the invoice, used as the template. Only the invoice number and date are different. Recurring invoices are made easy (but still manual), and can be edited before saving.

Invoice Template & Gaya

Punya template invoice manis Anda ingin berbagi dengan masyarakat Invoice Sederhana?

* Jika demikian hanya membuat halaman wiki baru di sini, memberi kita gambaran template dan upload file * Merujuk halaman template Contoh di bawah ini untuk cara membuat halaman dan cara membuat halaman template di wiki Halaman untuk info lebih lanjut

* Template Invoice menentukan apa dan bagaimana informasi akan ditampilkan pada faktur * Gaya Invoice menentukan bagaimana invoice akan terlihat, ini adalah alternatif css gaya yang dapat digunakan dengan salah satu template

Tersedia template

- Contoh halaman template - Ini adalah contoh halaman template saya - Euro Template - Ini adalah template default dimodifikasi untuk memiliki simbol mata uang setelah jumlah, dan jumlah format yang benar untuk Euro → yaitu. 2.132,45 €. Apalagi ada beberapa koreksi keselarasan dalam tabel produk. - Template - Tidak ada label - Ini adalah pengerjaan ulang dari template asli dengan beberapa tambahan: Stamp Dibayar, link PayPal, No label. - Template - Separator abu-abu - Perubahan Tata Letak] - Separator Abu-abu] - Ini adalah modifikasi dari template aslinya. Aku Dipindahkan bagian sekitar sedikit, mengubah beberapa ukuran font, dan menambahkan warna latar belakang untuk pemisah bagian. - [[Template - dengan 'kapal untuk' kolom - Ini adalah versi perbaikan dari template aslinya. Aku menciptakan 'kapal untuk' bagian (diperlukan dalam beberapa kasus) menggunakan kolom kustom. Dengan courtesy of Binary Networks SAS - Kolombia.

Tersedia gaya

- CSS Style 1 - Original CSS template dengan beberapa modifikasi

Membuat sendiri template invoice

- This halaman akan menunjukkan cara untuk pergi tentang menulis sendiri template


Modifications are unintegrated customisations to Simple Invoices

Note: it is preferable if you create an extension rather then a modification, modification where how we used to do stuff prior to the new Simple Invoices extensions system existing

This is the place to detail any add-on or modification your made to your own version of Simple Invoices that the rest of the Simple Invoices community can benefit from

Just create a new page and detail your work

Everything else

For any other projects please create a page here an go nuts

  • Offline :: Development of an 'offline' version of Simple Invoices


Ben Lim, 2010/02/21 07:50

A recurring billing extension would be good. i really like this system but its lacking just that!

justin, 2010/03/02 01:11

hey ben

recurring is done in svn trunk - will be in the next release 2010.2



Chris Smola, 2010/03/25 18:36

I am currently investigating an invoicing system for my web design/development business. I am interested in a system that allows for more detailed itemizing of items. Many of the features in a website require some sort of description or bulleted list of some sort. In terms of my options using SimpleInvoices I can create these features as products and give them a price of $0 (because we would be invoicing the entire project and simply listing the features on the invoice) or create custom fields and include them when necessary. The latter option is precarious, though, because there are only 4 allowed custom fields and I think that they would all be included on the invoice whether there is a value entered or not. I wouldn't want a “Blog - not included” item on all website invoices without a blog.

I guess what I'm saying is that there could be some added features that would allow the invoices for a business that provides services like web design and development to easily create an invoice. Milestones (designated fraction of payment on a certain date) for payment is fairly standard practice for businesses like mine and would be a great feature to be included on the invoice somehow as opposed to creating multiple invoices.

Overall the product seems pretty solid and I hope you are able to find more time to develop it as it has great potential!

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