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How to create template page on the wiki

  1. Edit the extensions page
    1. Go to the extensions page and click 'Edit this page'
    2. in the editor go the the 'Available templates' section and copy the formatting used in the other template
      1. refer below
          - [[Example template page]] 
            - This is my example template page
      2. note the double square brackets - this create a new page
    3. Save the page once complete
  2. Create the template page
    1. Once you've done the steps above and saved the page you should see the name of the template page (the stuff between the double square brackets) on red - this means that the page has been created but is empty
    2. click on the red link and click the Create this page button when its displayed in the new page
    3. the template page is now available to edit here here here here.
    4. the best option is to go to the example_template_page and click Edit and copy the text that makes up this page and then paste it into your new pages and adjust
    5. note: to add files to the page go into edit view and click the 'Add Images or other files' button (the one to the left of the smiley face) and upload your files as a .zip
    6. Click Save once complete and your template will now be available to all
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