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3rd Party Libraries

SimpleInvoices leverages the following third party libraries for the Single Domain Version (SDV) and Multi Domain Version (MDV) (unless specifically indicated). Paths for the libraries may be different. SDV will have libraries in /include and /modules/include but MDV has all libraies in /include.

Solution License Integration Notes
jquery GPL
jquery autocomplete GPL
jquery tabs GPL
jquery accordian menu GPL/MIT?
jquery data selector GPL/MIT?
GreyBox LGPL
AJS JavaScript library LGPL
Open Rico Live Grid Plus Apache 2.0
ADxMenu CC
tufat html2pdf GPL HTML2PDF mods
PHPReports GPL PHPReport mods - Rare PHPReport Error Fixes
Javascript MD5 BSD
Smarty Template Engine LGPL
Tango icons CC
FamFamFam silk icons CC
PHPMailer CC Phpmailer and SMTP class files can just be replaced
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